Have you been seeking that perfect sound? You know the one… it can make a baby coo, a lover cry, melt faces or even extinguish a star. From tugging at those heartstrings to absolutely tearing them out, the perfect guitar should be able to go from chiming chords to brutal feedback and everything in between with no compromises.

Aluminati puts that sound within your reach. Advanced materials and modern production techniques elevate our instruments above the rest. Carbon fiber tempers the high and low frequencies associated with the aluminum used in our necks and bodies. We achieve the same characteristics of fine tone woods by using carbon fiber for our fretboards. (It’s also a sustainable alternative to woods harvested from the rain forest!) These are instruments that will easily cover the full spectrum of sounds you need, from the studio to the stage.

With aluminum and carbon fiber comes the advantage of strength and durability. Our necks will not warp from humidity or volatile temps, even if your next gig is on the Moon. We hard anodize our necks and bodies. Only diamonds are more durable than that! Guitars with amazing tonal range, playability and style that will last a lifetime.

How To Buy

Please be patient while we build our dealer list. Stock instruments can be purchased directly from our website or give us an email or call and we can begin customizing your new Aluminati!

Dealer List:

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"Playing my custom BAMF feels like running downhill. These instruments play themselves!" – Gregg Prickett - Unconscious Collective, Decoding Society

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